From the Sky®

Providing a comprehensive, valuable climate change solution.
Spearheading a global, nanocarbon economy.



Carbon transforms CO2 gas into a solid. The solid is valuable and stable for eons.

Rather than removal costs, CO2 can be converted into profits!
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Save the planet from the ravages of climate change.

Removing anthropogenic carbon dioxide and pioneering a transformative nanocarbon economy. 

carbon molecule

"The World on Our Shoulders”

CO2 gas has been transformed into a solid to make this statue. 
Made from Carbon’s CNTs (from CO) &  PLA composite.


To permanently capture GHG CO2 and convert it into a property enhancing product for use in numerous industrial applications.




With C2CNT®’s (Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Nanomaterial Technology) proprietary Genesis Device®, carbon dioxide is removed and eliminated from the atmosphere and industrial processes.

Instead of emitting CO2, the Genesis Device® transforms CO2 by producing carbon nanotubes or graphene to create inexpensive, strong carbon structural materials.


Carbon solves the problem of global warming.

By our proprietary Genesis Device®, transforms the greenhouse gas CO2 into a valuable commodity carbon nanotubes or “CNTs” by high-yield electrolysis in molten salts.

The only reactant, CO2 is a no-cost resource and can be captured from industrial emitters or by Direct Air Capture.

Revolutionizing sustainability with advanced nano-materials

Aluminum: We will steer away 12 billion tons of CO₂ emissions by improving aluminum products, with each ton of GNC used avoiding 4,403 tons of emissions.

Plastics: We aim to prevent 2.8 billion tons of CO₂ emissions by enhancing plastic materials, with 1,030 tons of emissions avoided per ton of GNC used.

Paper: Our process is set to diminish 4.8 billion tons of CO₂ emissions in the paper industry, with every ton of GNC used avoiding 1,790 tons of emissions.

Steel: We're on the path to reduce 815 million tons of CO₂ emissions by fortifying steel products, with each ton of GNC used averting 302 tons of emissions.

Rubber: We will cut down 272 million tons of CO₂ emissions by improving rubber materials, with 101 tons of emissions avoided for every ton of GNC used.

With our patented process (U.S. Patent No. 11,401,212 B2), we are set to avoid 2.3 billion tons of CO₂ emissions in the cement industry. By integrating just one ton of GNC, we amplify the strength of concrete, matching the performance of an additional ton without the carbon footprint. This means every ton of GNC used can prevent 844 tons of CO₂ emissions that would have been generated in traditional cement manufacturing.

4 tons of CO₂

1 ton of CNM

2 tons of Portland cement + .05 wt% Carbon Nanomaterial = Strength of 3 tons of Portland Cement

Adding just 1 ton of carbon nanomaterials (CNM) to 2,082 tons of cement enhances the mixture's strength to equal that of 3,021 tons of traditional cement.


By adding CO2-derived CNM, we also eliminate 840 tons of CO2 emissions that would have otherwise been generated by the cement process. The traditional cement production is known for being one of the largest sources of industrial CO2 emissions, contributing to approximately 8% of global CO2 emissions. By substituting a portion of the conventional materials with CO2-derived CNM, we leverage the captured carbon dioxide, turning a harmful greenhouse gas into a valuable resource.



Carbon Nano Onion




Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube