From the Sky®

Providing a comprehensive, valuable climate change solution.
Spearheading a global, nanocarbon economy.



Carbon transforms CO2 gas into a solid. The solid is valuable and stable for eons.

Rather than removal costs, CO2 can be converted into profits!
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Save the planet from the ravages of climate change.

Removing anthropogenic carbon dioxide and pioneering a transformative nanocarbon economy. 

carbon molecule

"The World on Our Shoulders”

CO2 gas has been transformed into a solid to make this statue. 
Made from Carbon’s CNTs (from CO) &  PLA composite.


To permanently capture GHG CO2 and convert it into a property enhancing product for use in numerous industrial applications.




With C2CNT®’s (Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Nanomaterial Technology) proprietary Genesis Device®, carbon dioxide is removed and eliminated from the atmosphere and industrial processes.

Instead of emitting CO2, the Genesis Device® transforms CO2 by producing carbon nanotubes or graphene to create inexpensive, strong carbon structural materials.


Carbon solves the problem of global warming.

By our proprietary Genesis Device®, transforms the greenhouse gas CO2 into a valuable commodity carbon nanotubes or “CNTs” by high-yield electrolysis in molten salts.

The only reactant, CO2 is a no-cost resource and can be captured from industrial emitters or by Direct Air Capture.