"The World on Our Shoulders”

CO2 gas has been transformed into a solid to make this statue. 
Made from Carbon’s CNTs (from CO) &  PLA composite.

Our Award-Winning

C2CNT® Technology

An Inexpensive Direct Conversion of CO2 to Carbon Nanotubes.

In a manner similar to which aluminum metal is produced from aluminum oxide ore, by a process called electrolysis, Carbon transforms Carbon Dioxide into valuable carbon nanomaterials by electrolysis.

Carbon uniquely directly removes and eliminates the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or from power plants, industrial processes, transportation and CO2 domestic sources. Instead of emitting carbon dioxide, we inexpensively produce carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon nano-onions (CNOs), graphene, or ultra-strong carbon structural materials.

Our technology makes it possible for CO2 to be intercepted directly from the atmosphere, or from flue stacks, without the need to concentrate the CO2 and split by electrolysis into O2 at the anode and into high-value CNTs, formed by transition metal nucleation sites at the cathode.

Carbon's C2CNT Genesis Device® is a proprietary, revolutionary, new chemistry and technology introduced in 2015.

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Rising CO2 is Causing Catastrophic Global Warming and

Climate Change

There are no other viable solutions in sight for CO2 removal. Our Diamonds from the Sky® internationally acclaimed solution transforms CO2 directly into a new form of carbon, nanocarbons.

Winner of the 2021 Carbon XPRIZE X-Factor Award. Already in the Top 60 of 1133 in 2022 in the ongoing Elon Musk Carbon Removal XPRIZE.

This new C2CNT® Science:

  1. Locks away the greenhouse gas by transformation to geologically stable graphitic materials.
  2. Makes CO2 sequestration profitable, rather than costly (products as valuable as diamonds).
  3. C2CNT® does not require an intermediate CO2 concentration step.
  4. Products from pure CO2: nano-dragons, and graphene and onions.

These revolutionary new materials are each based on graphene’s super-strong properties.

carbon molecule
carbon molecule

Carbon launches a global nano-carbon green economy in which virtually every high-carbon footprint product on the market today, from cement to automotive to electronics, and from plastics to paper, is transitioning into a nano-carbon product that is more affordable, greener, has greatly improved properties and is made from CO2.

The nano-green economy is a new generation of skyscrapers to the sky (built with strong lightweight CO2 nanocarbons), new electronics, consumer devices & batteries, smart clothing, and advanced medical devices.

Interested in your own Genesis Device® CO2 industrial removal plant? Surf our C2CNT® technology at the GW Genesee Power Plant named GC3 designed to remove CO2 as the world's largest CNT manufacturing plant:

Our Diamonds from the Sky® internationally acclaimed solution transforms to remove CO2 transforming it directly into a new form of carbon, nanocarbons. Is the C2CNT® technology and the transformation occurs in the Genesis Device®

This new chemistry splits CO2 at high yield by electrolysis to form nanocarbons and O2:


Why are graphitic nanocarbons such as carbon nanotubes so valuable?

They are the strongest material known, and have groundbreaking electronic, thermal and lubrication properties.


Diamonds From the Sky®

Founder Prof. Stuart Licht’s 35 year journey of discovery! A new science to change CO2 to nanocarbons.