Our mission is to remove anthropogenic carbon dioxide and to pioneer a transformative nanocarbon economy.

"The World on Our Shoulders”

CO2 gas has been transformed into a solid to make this statue. 
Made from Carbon’s CNTs (from CO) &  PLA composite.



To permanently capture GHG CO2 and convert it into a property-enhancing product for use in numerous industrial applications.


Our Founder

Carbon’s Founder discovered Carbon's revolutionary chemistry to directly transform carbon dioxide into carbon nanomaterials. 

Prof. Licht's career encompassing over 400 high-impact scientific articles and patents, has been devoted to fundamental and applied renewable chemistries and climate change mitigation. 

He is a former MIT Postdoctoral Fellow, former Program Director of US National Science Foundation, former Department Chair, a Professor of Chemistry at the George Washington University, a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society and has numerous received awards, including the Electrochemical Society Energy Technology Award, and BASF's 200th anniversary Energy Storage Award. Prof. Licht supplies ongoing team scientific consultation ensuring the milestones are maintained and achieved.

Prof. Stuart Licht, PhD